Secret Circle Episode 7 – Masked Review

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Things are certainly hotting up in chance Harbor, especially Faye! Did you see her in the Aztec outfit in Calvin Wilsons Antiquities shop at the start. Smokin! With a show like the Secret Circle you wouldn’t expect the writers to let a seasonal event like Halloween pass by unnoticed – after all Halloween is the one night of the year then the dead roam free and witches get to be themselves right? Cassie thinks so too so she arranges a little halloween get together at her house while her Grandmother Jane is off to visit Henry at the Lakehouse (uh-oh, we all remember Henry’s dead, Jane’s certainly in for a shock), and preprations as well underway (she even invites Luke – remember him from episode 3, Loner?) when Cassie finds a broken off part of the blade that Simone used to attack her with in the last episode. She shows it to the others and is intrigued by the two symbols carved into it. Like a dog with a bone, Cassie resolves to find out what they mean so she leaves the others setting up the party goes back to the Antiques shop to see if the owner Calvin Wilson knows anything about them. On the way she runs into Jake and tells him her plan (foolish girl!).

Jake can’t have Cassie snooping around like this, in case she finds out he is working for the Witch Hunters. Somehow he performs some magic that ensures Cassie’s car won’t start (I guess he can still do magic on his own then?). He goes to the antiques shop ahead of Cassie and threatens the owner, Calvin Wilson, with Witch Death. This involves collecting some blood from the witch, a personal possession (Calvin’s wedding ring) and putting them together in a vessel with some Mandrake Root. Then so long as the vessel has been spelled, all you have to do is drop in a match and Ding Dong the witch is dead. Jake doesn’t kill Calvin (yet) but he does warn him off telling Cassie anything when she comes snooping.

Calvin recognises Cassie when she does turn up and doesn’t tell her anything, he knows the Blake name and he is familiar with their recent family history, but he is concerned about whether or not Cassie will take after her mother or her father (more on that later). Cassie sees a similar blade to the one she found on the way out. This one is complete with 3 symbols not 2. She takes a photo and hurries back to Adam’s place for research. It doesn’t take them long to figure out that the symbols relate to Getticas, or Witch Hunters.

Meanwhile Jake is meeting in the Witch Hunter’s lair, he has 5 vessels set up with mandrake root – one for each of the circle. He lights a match and spells the vessels with the incantation “Let light rise out of darkness”, now all they need is the blood of each witch and a personal possession. This should be easy to get hold of at Cassies party that night. However the head Witch Hunter tells Jake that they don’t need him for this part, he has someone local to help – who? None other than Luke! OMG.

So at a loose end for the evening Jake returns home and is intercepted by Cassie who tells him what she has found out about the Witch Hunters. She immediately becomes suspiscious of Jake when he talks about 3 symbols not the two that were on the blade she showed him earlier. So quickly to comes up with a plan to get him out of his house by inviting him to the party that night.

Calvin Wilson goes to see Adam’s father, who he hasn’t spoken to in 16 years. He talks about Cassie and Ethan reveals that she doesn’t know (nor does she need to know) who her father was. Calvin disagrees, John Blackwell possessed some very dark magic and it sounds like he is Cassies father and may have responsible for that fatal fire all those years ago.
Faye & Cassie
The party gets underway and all goes to plan, for a while. Jake turns up and Faye attempts to distract him while Cassie sneaks into his house to look for clues about what he is up to. She finds a hunters knife just as Jake returns. He manages to successfully blame it all on Nick though and it looks like hes gotten away with it. Melissa is the first of the Circle to be taken by a hunter as she is chloroformed and rather impudently carried through the halloween festooned streets. The other witches all follow suit with Luke taking Cassie himself but not before she takes a call from Calvin Wilson, warning her that she is great danger.

Unfortunately for Calvin, so is he. He runs into Jake who demands to know what he is warning Cassie about. Calvin reveals that Cassie possesses dark magic, and he wants to warn her about it and her father. What happens next reveals Jakes true nature. In a lesser show he would have shied away from doing this, but Jake takes Calvins Spelled Vessel and drops a match into it – killing him in a most unpleasant manner – Jake is no anti-hero, he’s just a plain old Villain, who surely will get his just desserts.

Now all the witches awake tied to chairs and surrounded by Iron Sulphite to suppress their magical ability. Luke reveals that he is a Witch Hunter, like his father and his father’s father. And its up to him to drop the flame into each one of their vessels which now all contain a sample of the witches blood and a personal possession. As he focuses on Diana first, Cassie lets out a scream, fuelled by desperation and terror – Diana’s vessel shatters, much to Luke’s annoyance.

Outside Jake turns up and suddenly tries to stop the proceedings. They can’t kill a witch who possesses dark magic this way. Luke turns on Cassie and drops a lit match into her Vessel, but the magic is somehow reversed and Luke is engulfed in flames. Quickly the tables are turned and the Circle escapes. Jake is now lying on the floor outside pretending to have been taken by the witch hunters too – the others don’t look like they are buying that.

After a fairly eventful night everyone returns home, Cassie finds a letter addressed to her. She opens it up to reveal a parchment the initials JB on it – John Blackwell?

The episode ends with Jane finally reaching the Lakehouse (it must be a long way away), where she finds Henry lying on the floor. She immediately goes to where she know he hides his Crystal of power and tries to revive him. But someone else is there, we don’t see his face but he sneaks up behind Jane, knocks her out and steals the crystal…

Things are really moving now. Chance Harbor is certainly a dangerous place for a witch to live at the moment. The introduction of the Witch Hunters, John Blackwell, Demons and not to Mention Charles and Dawn. Now that the circle knows about them though, what are they going to do? And how will Jane react to have been mugged like that (was it Blackwell who hit her?). It seems that the bad is certainly too much for the circle to handle on their own, so expect some more elders to make an appearance to help out soon….

Air Date USA: 27/10/2011
Air Date UK: 09/11/2011

Written by Michelle Lovretta

Directed by Charles Beeson

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