Secret Circle Episode 14 – Valentine Recap

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I think this episode has to have been the creepiest one since, Heather, episode 4. Boiling it down there is not a whole lot to the story tonight. On the one hand we have the girls; Faye, Melissa and Diana engaging in an anti-valentine slumber party – strictly no boys allowed, and on the other we have Cassie, Jake & Adam fighting off a Coven of dead witches who have returned to this Earthly realm to retrieve the medallion which John Blackwell used to destroy them and take away all their powers years ago.

The Medallion holds the power of a thousand dead witches, including it seems, that of the Nadaros coven. At the end of the last episode Cassie was able to activate the medallion and she believes in doing so that she have somehow opened a direct line to her father, as though she can sense him through the medallion. This feeling is heightened when at the adandoned house she sees a ghostly apparition wearing the same robes she saw her father wearing the night of the fire in the boatyard. Cassie is plagued by these ghostly visions throughout the episode and we learn through Jake, who is interacting with Isaac again, that these are the Ghosts of Witches killed by John Blackwell and they are out to get their revenge. This is all fairly powerful stuff and the appearance of the ghosts themselves was certainly very creepy, especially when we the viewer a privvy to them stalking Cassie when on occasion she doesn’t know they are there. Add to that their ability to draw the medallion towards their presense and we have an episode that is probably best not watched alone.

As a counterpoint to this however we have Faye’s slumber party. If you recall Faye “fell off the Jake wagon” last episode when she ended up in bed with him (and again at the start of this one!). But to make herself feel less like a tramp Faye convinces herself that that he has just used Jake for revenge and to punctuate this, rather than spend Valentines day pining over him, she arranges a girls night in with Melissa, Diana and Cassie – where they get to eat Pizza and watch some seriously scarey movies. Things don’t go according to plan however (do they ever), after Melissa produces her bag of Devils Spirit and gives some to Diana. Pretty soon the pair of them are off their faces, and having a great time. We see Diana as we have never seen her before, letting her hair down, sending a forthright text to Cassie who had yet to arrive, saying “Bitch, Hurry”, and demanding that they do a spell to make sure that the pizza delivery guy is hot – promising to make out with him when he arrives. Which she does! In amongst all this we get Lee trying to hook up with Faye, Adam trying to Hook up With Cassie and Diana actually trying to hook up with anyone who knocks on the door. Oh and a nod to the dangers of drug use with Melissa succumbing to an overdose of Devils Spirit and having to throw it back up in the toilet.
Ouija BoardWhen Cassie finally arrives she has a terrific slumber party ghost story to tell and one of the girls (can’t remember who) decided it might be a good idea to get out the ouija board and find out what these ghosts want with her. Using the medallion as the focus for the quija Cassie begins to try and commune with the dead, which Diana and Melissa find quite funny, but the fun soon stops when the Medallion starts to move of its own accord spelling out the word ‘SACRED’. Its plain to Cassie however that she is not in the right frame of mind for this party and claiming that she is only going to bring everybody down she leave for Adam’s place after exchanging a couple of texts with him. Shortly after Jake comes looking for her, worried by the story of the Nadaro coven which he has just heard from Isaac. Melissa tells him she has gone to Adam’s and he follows her over there. Alarm bells start ringing however when he reaches Adam’s to find no sign of Cassie.

He must have gone by a different road because the reason Cassie didn’t get to Adam’s was because she crashed her car. Not just a fender bender either a big old, see how many times we can roll this thing while driving as fast as possible after the medallion started to tighten itself around her neck while she was still at the wheel. Miraculously Cassie walks away from the wreck unharmed! But she is pissed, and believing she can see the Ghost Witches in the distance decided to hunt them down and, um, give them a good talking to!

When Jake and Adam find the wrecked car Jake quickly realises what is going on. The church where these witches were murdered by John Blackwell is nearby – if Cassie is being lured there then she is a lot of danger. Inside the church (which is called ‘Sacred Heart’ – hence the word spelled out on the quija board) Cassie is shouting to the witches to show themselves, challenging them almost (like why the hell would you do that? Get as far away from the creepy church in the middle of the night with your concussion for company girlfriend!), and on cue they start to appear. Slowly they start to surround Cassie; hooded and silent bearing down on her. And as Cassie begins to doubt the wisdom of her presense in the church Adam and Jake turn up. Adam goes rushing toward her, but Jake hangs back (revealing a cowardly streak?). The attention of the dead witches is drawn toward Adam and they surround him before taking possession of his body. This gives them a voice and using Adam they demand that Cassie give them the medallion, otherwise they will kill Adam. Jake tells her not to do it – he doesn’t care about Adam after all, but Cassie thwarts the threat by holding the medallion in the palm of her hand and then crushing it in her fist. The dead witches immediately vanish and Adam is unpossessed.

The episode closes with Jake and Cassie returning to Adam’s boat in the harbor. Adam had planned a Valentines surprise for Cassie, before the events of the night unfolded and the table was still set so why waste it. Adam and Cassie snog again and this time there is no Jake in sight to interrupt them……

…..However there is someone there. Someone with a magical sigil burned into his hand; someone dressed in black; someone who looks surprisingly like John Blackwell.

Air Date USA: 09/02/2012
Air Date UK: 14/03/2012

Written by Roger Grant
Directed by Dave Barret

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