Secret Circle Episode 12 – Witness – Recap

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Well this is the episode we’ve all been waiting for. Some major threads of the story arc start to be pulled together and the back story surrounding the death of the parents 16 years ago starts to make sense. Jake has returned to warn the circle that the witch hunters are only in a tactical retreat while they figure out what to do about Cassie. They know that she has powerful dark magic and that scares them, but they are far from powerless against her. The witch hunters have a powerful ritual that they can call upon to kill Cassie – dark magic or no dark magic. As Jake reveals this in the basement of the adandoned house, Adam is sceptical, telling Cassie it is a trick and he has only come back kill her now that he has worked out a plan.

Faye & LeeInterestingly this is another episode that doesn’t feature Melissa (this time she’s gone to Seattle with her dad) – she was out of town when the other members of the circle went up to the boat house and Cassie had a disturbing experience inside Faye’s memory which lead to them finding the body of Henry Chamberlain. Faye has a new buddy in the form of Voodoo Lee and she is spending an unhealthy amount of time in his garage, I suspect that she will be deeply upset when she finds out she’s missed out on some big reveals this episode, but in the meantime she has a run in with one of Lee’s ‘friends‘ a very dodgy character by the name of Callum. He comes to the garage looking for some Devil’s Spirit – a non-addictive, herbal enhancement. Lee is reluctant to get him any, saying he doesn’t deal in it anymore but Callum is most insistent. Faye’s interest is piqued and when Callum finally gets his hands on some of the Devils Spirit he rather generously offers some to Faye – which I’m sure will come into play in a future episode.

Dawn and Charles still find themselves at loggerheads this episode, with Charles unable to forgive Dawn for wanting to kill his mother two episodes ago. Dawn is desperate to get her hands on the the only working crystal that they have and tries all methods to get back into Charles good books, including cosying up to his daughter Diana. Charles isn’t giving into her charms however and tells her she’ll never get her hands on the crystal. Well if ever there was a woman that liked a challenge it’s Dawn Chamberlain and she resorts to devious measures, manipulating Ethan into feeling sorry for her and making go after Charles and retrieve the crystal.

Back to the main story though and Jake has some more big news. He thinks he has a plan to find out what happened on the boat 16 years ago. He may only have been a young child back then, but on the night of the fire he had followed his parents and he saw everying that happened – the trouble is, he was so young he has suppressed the memories. He believes that Cassie’s magic can tap into his memories, in the same way they did with Faye up at the boat house, and together they should be able to unlock the secrets of what happened all those years ago. As you’d expect this isn’t without danger. Adam is alarmed by this news and still suspects Jakes motives but when he tells Diana of the plan she is keen for it to go ahead, thinking it might give everyone closure, she expresses the opinion “I feel like the circle is falling apart” which curiously is a sentiment which is echoed later in the episode by a young Jake’s Mother.

Alone in the boatyard Cassie and Jake start to work the spell and Cassie is tranported into Jakes memory. Quickly Jake has a problem however and serious headaches force him to bail out. Cassie is left on her own witnessing everything inside Jake’s memory. She see’s his parent walking onto the boat, Jake’s father is telling his mother that the witch hunters have promised him that nobody would get hurt – so long as they stop practicing magic. Jake’s mother is unsure, telling him that John says they shouldn’t trust them. It seems that the witches and the hunters have agreed to meet on the boat to talk about a truce, but factions have developed some trust the hunters and some dont -with good reason. A young Ethan walks passed Jake’s parents as they are talking, he looks a bit shifty, then a hunter appears, grabs hold of Jake’s father and slashes his throat. Killing him. Jake’s mother is taken out back where there are a load of other dead witches. Cassie follows unseen inside the memory. Somebody called Lucy is still alive and Jakes mother goes to hug her.

Blackwell is dragged onto the boat with a hood over his head. The witch hunters encircle him and tie him to a stake. He has been accused and found guilty of practicing dark magic. The witch hunters set fire to the stake and Cassie screams “No!” At that point, rather oddly, someone appraches her and says “What are you doing here, you don’t belong here. Come with me” Cassie is startled that this person could see her but she doesn’t follow her. She gets caught up in the smoke and begins to choke both in the memory and in the real world. Adam, Jake and Diana panic but they manage to use magic to help her breathe. Adam turns to Jake and tells him he has to go back in and get Cassie out.

In the memory, Cassie is watching her father burn at the stake. But he proves that he is a powerful witch after all. He holds onto a medallion and utters some magic words which spits the fire onto the witch hunters and frees him from his bindings – he manages to escape, but drops the medallion down a grating as he does so. Jake comes rushing up to Cassie and drags her back to the real world. Jake follows her, but has to watch his mother choking to death in the flames.

Cassie explains to the others what has happened. Jake can’t believe that Isaac betrayed him by telling him that it was the witches that started the fire that night. Adam is stunned by the news that his father Ethan was on the boat despite him claiming he was not there that night and everyone is shocked to learn that John Blackwell didn’t die in the fire at all.

Cassie returns to the boat and the spot where John Blackwell was being burned at the stake and finds the medallion he dropped all those years ago is still there. It is etched with a familiar magic symbol. Now a question burns inside Cassie. Is her father still alive. Jake tells her he is buried at Harbor cemetary, not too far from his parents. Together the head up to the cemetary to dig up his grave.

When the casket is opened they don’t find the skeleton of a human however – all they find are the bones of an Canine like animal. Looks like Jon Blackwell is alive and kicking after all……

Air Date USA: 19/01/2012
Air Date UK: TBC

Written by Dana Baratta
Directed by Eagle Egilsson

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