Secret Circle Cancelled

Well, its been a rocky road for the first season of the Secret Circle but as of yesterday the CW have officially announced that it will not be returning for a second run. It’s a frustrating revelation especially after an edge of your seat climax to the first season and the groundwork being laid for [...] Read more »

Secret Circle S01 E20 – Traitor

The Traitor witch is finally revealed, and if you’ve been keeping up with the news of late then the identity of said with should come as no real surprise. But the episode starts on a low note. With the death of Cassie’s grandmother last week the action comes to grinding halt as Cassie and the [...] Read more »

Secret Circle S01 E19 Crystal

“Crystal” is an episode the moves at breakneck pace, its as though the producers realised that they only have three episodes left in the season so they better start wrapping things up quickly. The spotlight finally swings back onto the words uttered by Isaac in the finale of the Episode 9 – Balcoin, and the [...] Read more »

Secret Circle S01 E18 Sacrifice Recap

The previous episode of the The Secret Circle was one of the strongest in the season so far. The tragedy of Adam and Cassie’s relationship ending thanks to the manipulation of Cassie’s father, John Blackwell, who convinced them both that their family’s bloodlines were cursed and should they ever get together then someone in their [...] Read more »

Secret Circle S01 E17 – Curse

Is it me or is the secret circle finally starting to raise its game. After meandering through the much of the first series with no real sense of direction or a cohesive story arc (to my mind at any rate) we finally get a great episode with some great performances, some solid writing and more [...] Read more »

SPOILER! Seems there is life after death in Chance Harbor

I really, really, really am surprised by this news. Someone in Chance Harbor is coming back from the dead. Who could it be – well zaptoit reveal all here and if you dont want to know yourself then dont read the rest of this post….. Read more »

Secret Circle S01 EP 16 Lucky Recap

**** Please be aware that the following Article Contains Spoilers ***** ‘Lucky’ is the 16th episode of season 1 and arrives after 4 weeks away from American TV screens. With episode 14 just aired on Sky Living in the UK this means we are now back to being only 2 weeks behind the US for [...] Read more »

SPOILER! Is Another Chance Harbor Resident About to Die?

We don’t want to worry you but you remember when they killed off Nick Armstrong way back in episode 1.06? Well E!Online thinks Chance Harbor might be about to wave bye bye to someone else…. Diane: Can’t wait for Secret Circle to return next week? Got any scoop to hold me over until then? How [...] Read more »

Secret Circle Episode 1.17 – Curse & 1.18 Sacrifice

Only a week to go until all new episodes of the secret circle begin to air again in the states; apologies for the delay posting these but synopsis’s for the next two episodes have been released and should have been posted here to tide us over – but better later than never eh? As ever [...] Read more »

Secret Circle Episode 16 Lucky Synposis

Synposis for episode 16 revealed (Sorry folks don’t seem to have a highlight to reveal thingy, so if you dont want to know the results, look away now…) CASSIE CONFRONTS HER FATHER, DIANA FINDS NEW LOVE AND FAYE TURNS UP THE HEAT WITH LEE — Cassie (Britt Robertson) catches Blackwell (guest star Joe Lando) sneaking [...] Read more »

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